Your Daily Muslim #579: Afreeda Zaman

Your Daily Muslim #579: Afreeda Zaman.


Impending Irish Arrest and Extradition of Kevin Annett on verge of Tuam Killings Inquiry: An Urgent Bulletin from the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and its Direct Action Unit in Ireland

2012 The Awakening

August 28, 2014Dublin:

The Irish government has agreed to extradite Kevin Annett to England to face imprisonment when he arrives in Ireland this weekend, according to information obtained through our sources in Ireland’s national police, the Gardai.

The same sources indicate that Kevin’s arrest and transportation to a “special administrative prison” in London has been ordered in response to the plan by him and our Brussels-based Common Law Court to open an independent inquiry into the apparent sacrificial murder of children at Tuam, Ireland, commencing on Monday, September 1. These killings have been linked to the catholic-run Ninth Circle cult that includes popes, cardinals and members of the British royal family and Church of England.

In response to this new attack, Kevin Annett has agreed to reschedule his September travel itinerary to temporarily avoid Ireland and any country under so-called “crown of England” jurisdiction, and to accept additional security protection…

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To Do Done Did



  • What’s Love Going To DoFor You
  • Why’s love doing done didto you
  • Who’s love but a Beggar on The Borrow
  • What’s love another sigh of your sorrow
  • She was tipsy, her dress a little drip-see
  • In the corner of her eye, her pelvis, rhythmically dip-see
  • She saw an image, couldn’t let him go
  • Her heat, dancing, had to let him know
  • She was the rock to sink his ship
  • Her tragedy, swelling, about to rip
  • Her dress, motioning like she was going to strip
  • What’s Love Going To Do For You
  • Why’s love doing done did to you
  • Who’s love but a Beggar on The Borrow
  • What’s love, another sign of your sorrow
  • The romance is building, his will weakening
  • Her blushwas killing, his blood swell, peaking
  • Her tipsiness, needed a little moretweaking
  • He disappeared, his cologne, closer, leaking
  • From behind, began the grind, she could feel him…

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Tech Elites Accused Of Ruining Burning Man Festival

CBS Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) – Longtime goers of the Burning Man festival are getting burnt over what they call an invasion.

But it’s not an invasion of insects or animals…it’s Silicon Valley millionaires and billionaires that are getting them steamed.

The Burning Man festival was started 3 decades ago as an alternative location where arts and creativity could flourish.

The organizers picked a location in the northwestern Nevada desert to set up. Last year, nearly 70,000 people were reported to be at the Black Rock site during its peak.

Money is frowned upon at the festival, attendees are encouraged to barter or give things away.

But the arrival of the tech tycoons is threatening to disrupt the balance of Burning Man.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Elon Musk of Tesla Motors have all been in attendance.

But instead…

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