Your Daily Muslim: Adam Fadli and Hassan el-Khatib

Your Daily Muslim

Adam Fadli and Hassan el-Khatib Adam Fadli (left) and Hassan el-Khatib. This post contains strong adult language. Reader discretion is advised.

Adam Fadli and Hassan el-Khatib came upon the Allah Sucks page one day and decided to see who could out-thug the other. They began with the typical Islamic rabid foaming, both on the page’s wall and in its inbox. After a few responses by the Allah Sucks admin team, the typical Islamic threats of harm to family members, specifically rape and murder, began to flow freely from Fadli. Here are a few screenshots of the pair behaving like the primitives they are.

Here’s some insanely extreme homophobia from Fadli, which likely comes from a deep-seated fear of being outed. The anti-Semitism probably comes from having been rejected by Jewish guys.

Fadli kept on with the homophobia and threats, and started throwing racist invective into the mix:

Fadli and el-Khatib know each other in real…

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