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Ghazala Ditta Ghazala Ditta

It’s my 25th birthday, so that’s why there’s a post on a Saturday. Enjoy!

UK Muslimah Ghazala Ditta (pronounced something like “guzzler ditz”) and four of her five sisters are a horde of rampaging, jealous bitches. One of Ghazala’s sisters, Nazma, wasn’t as unfortunate in terms of appearance as the rest of the family, and had managed to find someone. The family had one slight problem with the person Nazma chose – she was female.

Nazma’s devout Muslim family had been planning on marrying her off in an arranged marriage. Before you ask, yes, she was supposed to marry her own cousin. It’s surprising that Nazma, age 27, had not already been married off at half that age, as is common in Islam. When Ghazala found out about Nazma’s lesbian relationship, she flew into a violent rage instead of being understanding and supportive like a sister should be…

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