Your Daily Muslim #570: Naa Dakpema Dawuni Alhassan

Your Daily Muslim

Another Muslim failing at fashion Another Muslim failing at fashion

Wherever Islam goes, pseudoscience and intolerance follow. This can currently be seen in Tamale, Ghana, where regional leader Naa Dakpema Dawuni Alhassan has begun a jihad against a man who made sex tapes with over 50 women from the region.

Instead of respectfully handling his jealousy of this man’s far superior sex life, Alhassan decided it would be best to try to turn the community against him and threaten his family. Alhassan told the man’s parents they would be evicted and banished from the region if they did not surrender their son to him. What did Alhassan plan to do with the young adult? Publicly flog him to death per sharia, of course, because living and letting live is un-Islamic. “No one, not even the regional police commander, can compel me to back down on this decision,” he stated. Alhassan added 100 pre-mortem lashes to…

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