Your Daily Muslim #558: Abu Abdillah Ismaeel

Your Daily Muslim

Abu Abdillah Ismaeel in his mother's basem- I mean, his mosque. Abu Abdillah Ismaeel

“Some heretics have tried to attack Islam and its rulings; they have denounced divorce and plural marriage and permitted alcohol. Those who look at the state of their societies will see the state of misery which those societies have reached.” Yes, because Denmark is totally in a “state of misery” compared to Iran.

Liberals and Muslim apologists often make the intellectually-faulty excuse that the Muslims who live in the USA are “just like the rest of us.” Tell that to New York imam Abu Abdillah “Abdildo” Ismaeel, who can best be described as every crazy cleric featured on this site rolled into one. Ismaeel is the imam of the Masjid Ahlul Qur’an wa Sunnah in Queens, NY. Instead of standing for American values and serving as a pillar of the community, Ismaeel spends his time preaching hate from his pulpit in a clearly decrepit mosque.

In addition…

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