Your Daily Muslim: Abdul Muhid

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Abdul Muhid is more than a bit porky... Abdul Muhid is more than a bit porky…

“[Muslim Patrol] is not going to stop. There are many teams out there. God almighty said the best Muslim is one that goes out and commands what is good and forbids what is evil.”

In early 2013, some wild Quranimals in the UK grabbed a video camera and harassed people on the street for not complying with sharia. They told people to leave the areas they were in because they were “Muslim areas.” The Muslims, known as “Muslim Patrol,” knocked people’s drinks out of their hands, mocked homosexuals and unveiled women, and vandalized advertisements that featured unveiled women. Many members of the Patrol were arrested after the videos went viral and police tracked down the suspects. Abdul Muhid is a member of the Patrol, and the group’s seventh video just leaked.

In the video, which is a declaration of war upon non-Muslims…

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