The First Second


  • Stunned, Dizzy, Dumb, Numb
  • We were laughing, telling jokes
  • Forgetting about where people came from
  • Just being everyday, common folk
  • Then ears were ringing
  • A high pitch Angel was singing
  • Dust covered my clothes
  • Blood spillingfrom my nose
  • Memory, flashes, flashes
  • I could only hear my heartbeat
  • Staggering, drunk on my feet
  • But I don’t drink
  • Unconscious, my ability to think
  • Then sirens, noise, howls, weeping, rubble
  • My head pounding, a throbbing bubble
  • Staring, the restaurant demolished
  • A car, so shiny cleaned and polished
  • Burning, on fire, smouldering
  • I was fatigued, like the world I was holding
  • Then my eyes fell downand broke my heart
  • My friend, her laughter, her smile
  • Frozen in shock, her body, blown apart…R.D.Revilo

this is our world, its sorry state, no one feels safe, not even the oppressors, they are hiding…this is madness….how far will we let this go…

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