Your Daily Muslim #567: Sadia Kauser


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Sadia Kauser Sadia Kauser

Name: Sadia Kauser
Location: Bradford, UK
Family background: Pakistani
Religion: Muslim
Intellectual capacity: Approximately that of a three-week-old goat

Sadia Kauser stumbled upon the Facebook counterjihad page Allah Returns 8, which depicted Allah as a pig. This sent her into a violent, racist rage:


It is unknown whether or not the admin of Allah Returns 8 was white, but Kauser took the liberty of assuming just so she could spew her racist bile. “I shag your dads” – uhh, the very religion she’s protecting would have her lashed for fornication. Plus, our infidel dads can do way better than her, let’s be honest here. She then insulted other religions’ holy books… but couldn’t take the same insult? Though such hypocrisy is commonplace among Muslims, I began to suspect Ms. Kauser’s profile might be an infidel pretending to be a Muslim. However, it turns out she is unfortunately very…

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