Your Daily Muslim #564: Noraina Sampiano

Your Daily Muslim

Noraina Sampiano showing off her ninja skills Noraina Sampiano showing off her ninja skills

The Philippines are becoming increasingly Islamic, with more and more ninjas like Noraina Sampiano among the nation’s populace. The wannabe Mortal Kombat character recently traveled to Saudi Arabia for the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj) and became even more devout. And by more devout, I mean crazier, as the two are synonymous when it comes to Muslims. Sampiano is Facebook friends with Bilal Aboueid (561) and supports pedophile sheikh Muhammad Salah.

Sampiano traveled with numerous other young Muslimahs and family members to Mecca, where she took plenty of pictures of herself(? It’s hard to tell) and her travel companions. She did her fair share of shopping… and more than her fair share of foaming. On Facebook, she began to share anti-Israeli propaganda from her fellow Muslims, accusing Israel of genocide. Uhh, it’s called defending itself. Maybe if Palestinians stopped throwing rock(et)s at…

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