Your Daily Muslim #560: Mohamed Elimam

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Mohamed Elimam's fist demonstrates the peaceful nature of Islam Mohamed Elimam’s fist demonstrates the peaceful nature of Islam

Chicago is a left-wing paradise. It has or has produced everything leftists love – corrupt politicians like Eric Holder and Rahm Emanuel, our illustrious commander-in-thief Barack Hussein Obama, crazy gun regulations (which haven’t proven effective) and crazy Muslims. Meet windy city imam Mohamed Elimam. Instead of promoting interfaith dialogue and the religious tolerance most leftists mistakenly believe Islam teaches, Elimam preached the true Islam from his pulpit on both July 18 and July 25, 2014.

“Oh, those of you who want to wage jihad for the sake of Allah, Palestine is calling you and Gaza is crying out for your help,” Elimam told his congregation. “If you are true believers, real mujahideen, hasten to Palestine.” Yep, this happened right here under our noses and it isn’t being reported on by the mainstream media. We have hate preachers in our midst commanding…

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