Tough on crime: Akron mayor helps stop purse snatcher


AKRON — Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic is proving he is tough on crime, especially when it happens on his watch.

The mayor took matters into his own hands when a man snatched a woman’s purse at Barley House on South Main Street on Friday.

Mayor Plusquellic was at Barley House with some friends to listen to a band. When the gig was over, a woman with the mayor’s group discovered that her purse was missing.

The purse contained her car keys, and luckily, a second cell phone.

According to the mayor’s press secretary, the woman called the phone. That’s when the suspect answered and demanded $100 in exchange for the return of her things.

The mayor and the woman drove to the location given by the suspect, later identified as Shaun Hulett, 37, with police officers en route. Once there, the mayor started to chase the man, but officers caught…

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