Al Qaeda Calls for ‘preemptive jihad’ against USA…

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Terrorists’ Handbook  


 President Obama may not have a strategy for defeating the Islamic State, but the Islamic State has a strategy for the U.S. In fact, that strategy is set out, in part, in an al-Qaeda manual recently translated for the benefit of the U.S. military.

A guerrilla war proceeds in phases, according to Abd al-Aziz al-Muqrin’s A Practical Course for Guerrilla War, a strategic and tactical guide to mujahideen intent on establishing “a pure Islamic system free from defects and infidel elements.” It was written after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The first phase is “attrition (strategic defense),” the time for carrying out attacks, “spectacular operations, which will create a positive impact.” The terrorists use the attacks as a recruitment tool and a morale boost for potential jihadis.

Phase two is the time of “relative strategic balance,” when the jihadis…

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Gender Conflicts

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It was always a question for me, why religion, sex, male power and low acceptance vs. women are connected to each other so closely in many cultures…

Miss Mouna smiling under her veil, Salalah, Oman
Miss Mouna smiling under her veil, Salalah, Oman photo by Eric Lafforgue
P.S.: thanks for example to Victoria (from US), who lived in Arabia, for her passage: “It is the Oedipal Complex to the 10th power. The only feminine wiles at work are from mother to son. Women have no control over their husbands, so their power rests in the control of their sons…”

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Your Daily Muslim: Adam Fadli and Hassan el-Khatib

Your Daily Muslim

Adam Fadli and Hassan el-Khatib Adam Fadli (left) and Hassan el-Khatib. This post contains strong adult language. Reader discretion is advised.

Adam Fadli and Hassan el-Khatib came upon the Allah Sucks page one day and decided to see who could out-thug the other. They began with the typical Islamic rabid foaming, both on the page’s wall and in its inbox. After a few responses by the Allah Sucks admin team, the typical Islamic threats of harm to family members, specifically rape and murder, began to flow freely from Fadli. Here are a few screenshots of the pair behaving like the primitives they are.

Here’s some insanely extreme homophobia from Fadli, which likely comes from a deep-seated fear of being outed. The anti-Semitism probably comes from having been rejected by Jewish guys.

Fadli kept on with the homophobia and threats, and started throwing racist invective into the mix:

Fadli and el-Khatib know each other in real…

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